“STS” LLC hold state license for performing industrial inspection and diagnostic services. Our qualified inspectors have more than 15 years in Oil &Gas, construction and production industries and hold licenses to perform different types of inspection services. Main fields of inspection includes but not limited by lifting and industrial equipment and pipe inspection. We have the following testing and inspection of lifting equipment: “STS” LLC provide proof load testing, visual inspection, destructive and non-destructive testing of lifting equipment listed as below: Inspection and testing of lifting accessories such as wire rope slings, fiber slings, shackles, eye bolts, rigging screws, plate clamps, etc. Inspection and testing of portable lifting equipment such as chain blocks, lever hoists, beam clamps, etc. Inspection and testing of fixed lifting equipment such as lifting beams / structures, winches, overhead cranes, pad eyes, etc. Inspection and testing of mobile lifting equipment such as mobile cranes, crawler cranes, cherry picker, offshore crane, forklifts, overhead crane, side booms, excavators, etc. Inspection of fall arrest equipment such as harnesses, lanyards, static/dynamic ropes, carabiners, life lines, inertial reels, etc. Inspection and testing of steel storage systems such as pipe racks, shelves, etc. Our inspectors are capable of carrying out all above inspection services and keep your equipment running properly and make a safe work environment (in accordance with local and international standards.)


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