Inspections of Pressure Equipment

“STS” LLC is accredited as an inspection company to perform initial , periodical and in-service inspection to Pressure Equipment. With our comprehensive know-how and many years of practical experience, in “STS” LLC our specialists are fully accredited to offer support in periodical inspections of pressurized equipment.
Our engineers can perform all necessary tests on pressure equipment including boilers, steam boilers, hot water boilers, hot oil boilers, compressors, pressure tanks, LPG tanks, industrial gas cylinders, tanks etc. in accordance with national or international regulations.
Pressure Equipment Inspection is normally carried out in conjunction with other NDT methods to produce a comprehensive inspection service.
Five Non-destructive Testing Methods we use widely for the inspection of pressure vessels and tanks . The names and acronyms of these common five methods are:
Visual Testing (VT)
Thickness Measurement (UT)
Liquid Penetrant Test (PT)
Magnetic Particle Test (MT)
Ultrasonic Test (UT)
Our company providing also the following services:
Testing of Valves;
Hydraulic Testing etc.


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