Preparation of Technical Passport for Hazardous Equipment and Devices

Technical passport is an operating document necessary for circulation of equipment or device. This technical passport is the main document for identification of equipment and it reflects all information on manufactured product, its operating conditions, specifications and parameters. Technical passport must be issued for each item of manufactured products (Machine, Equipment, High Pressure device). It accompanies the product throughout its operational service life till decommissioning. Technical passport should contain the following sections:
Technical information of device or equipment
Its configuration
Information about the components
Resource consumption by the device
Its operational service life
Information of Certificate/Declaration of Conformity
Certificate of Origin
Technical Passport must contain information on the date of expiry, conservation, package, acceptance tests, the necessary information about operation, special characteristics, including information on recycling of the equipment.
Besides, every Technical Passport must contain information about manufacturer’s (supplier) rights and warranty obligations in accordance with the applicable laws.
Technical Passport is also required for product certification. It provides certification authorities with all necessary information about the equipment, its features, specifications, etc. On the basis of this information the manufacturer/user gets permit for using the equipment.
Development of passports of machinery and equipment is an important and very responsible work. Therefore, it should be done by responsible engineers, with experience knowledge of preparing passports and regulatory framework.
In the event of difficulties during filling passports, you can seek advice from our specialists who can provide expert assistance in preparation of the equipment.


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