Technical Safety Declaration For Potentially Hazardous Equipment

Technical Safety Declaration is prepared in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Azerbaijan Republic and state the responsibility for security.
The Technical Safety Declaration contains the following issues:
Comprehensive assessment of the accident and its associated hazards;
Analysis of the measures taken to prevent the accident;
Ensuring the preparation of legal entities for the operation of potentially hazardous facility, as well as for the the localisation of the accident and the liquidation of its consequences;
Development of measures aimed at reducing the consequences of the accident and the scale of the damage caused etc.
Legal entities and individuals operating a potentially dangerous object must submit a declaration on the state of Technical Safety to the relevant executive authority;
Technical Safety declaration is prepared on the basis of project documents on the construction, expansion, reconstruction, technical upgrading, maintenance and liquidation of potentially hazardous objects and is approved by a legal or individual who exploits the object.

Preparing Technical Safety Declaration for potentially hazardous facility is an important and very responsible work. Therefore, it should be done by responsible engineers, with experience knowledge of preparing safety declaration and regulatory framework. Our experienced engineers is here to assist you in writing this declaration.


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